Zeke Steer

Engineer | Roboticist | Innovator


I am a PhD student at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. I work at the intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare to develop assistive technologies for people living with dementia. I also work part-time as a software engineer in the defence industry. Outside of work, I enjoy helping people to get the most out of technology.


Emotisock/Empathic (2019)

A system for detecting and responding to early signs of distress in people living with dementia.

A wearable which recognises stress and communicates wirelessly with a robotic doll to temporarily calm and distract the person with dementia until a carer can treat the causes of the distress.

  • Awards
  • 2018 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Summer Programme

TeleLog (2011)

A system for investigating bat mortality at wind farms by tracking bats’ flight paths around wind turbines.

Records bats’ echolocation pulses around wind turbines to allow their positions to be calculated.

  • Awards
  • 2011 Loughborough University David Goodson Prize for the best final-year project with an environmental theme
  • 2011 East Midlands Engineering and Science Professionals (EMESP) Masters Prize for innovation

MessageMate (2005)

A secure answer machine for the front door.

Records up to 16 voice messages which the homeowner can retrieve using the remote control.

  • Awards
  • 2005 Beta Technology Award for the Most Creative and Innovative Design
  • 2005 IEEE Award for the Best Use of Electrical Technology
  • 2005 Audi Design Awards Semi-Finalist

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